A young African American psychiatrist holds the key to breaking a cross generational curse, trapped in a faithless mind that doesn’t believe in things unseen. The past and present collide in a spiritual battle for the ages.   “A battle not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and rulers of darkness.” – Ephesians 6:12

A typical hot summer day, in a typical nowhere small town proves life defining. Alliances are made, lost and made again in typical adolescent fashion. But, not so typically Will, Rusty and Side Kick (11) have extremely high IQ’s for life and living. And they have no problem expressing exactly how they feel, even if no one is listening.

“18 year old John is stuck in The Black Hole, a small town where dreamers are visitors and hope is left at the county line. A self-proclaimed outsider, he’s always yearned for more. His father Slick has always taken pleasure in pissing on his dreams. He soon learns why; his dreams were once his fathers, his face a daily reminder of his father’s shortcomings.”

“A new employee quickly ascends the ranks of a distinguished brokerage firm, after stumbling onto the Ponzi scheme responsible for keeping the company in the black during a recession. His dream turns into a nightmare, his world turned upside down, when he discovers the haves don’t necessarily have it all.”