EP12: Good Will Hunting (How You Like ‘Dem Apples)


In a perfect world you work hard and you get rewarded for that work.  The cream rises to the top.  People want nothing more than to see you shine.  The universe, GOD wants to grant the desires of your heart.  In a perfect world...but this world ain’t perfect.  Executed hard work, grit and determination only mean something if afforded an opportunity, hopefully you won’t squander it.  It doesn’t mean that opportunity is destined.  Geniuses like the character Will sadly have a better chance of dying in a bar fight than being discovered by a professor at MIT.  Good Will Hunting is as well scripted film I’ve ever viewed/read.  Everything that can go right does.  The guy, who has been robbed of a lifetime of good breaks, gets them and our faith in humanity is restored.  Yes!  And that’s what we go to the movies for to be transported out of reality.  But after the end credits roll it’s back to reality.   And odds are Will would still be pushing that mop.  And his friends would be totally okay with that.   

Release Date: 05/05/2019