EP2: The Goonies (Troy's Bucket)

PI Podcast EP2: Troy's Bucket (The Goonies)

The Goonies is the best 80’s kid’s movie, period.  One kid’s grit, determination, unwillingness to give in transported a group of friends on the journey of a lifetime.  This journey defines what it means to believe (to this day).  This kid, this character Mikey was the ultimate leader.  Growing up everyone in my community had dreams, everyone wanted to be a “somebody,” do something big.  But not everyone had the willingness, the resilience to strike out in search of their own treasure.  I credit big picture thinking with fueling me to this point.  If I do (x) and you do (y) what will the results be?  My adolescent mind understood consequences, and the finality of bad decisions and I’m alive to tell these stories because I chose to lead not follow.

“As a child everything that happens to you is either the absolute best thing, or it’s the absolute worst thing. Kids don’t have so so days.” – John Strong

Release Date: 02/24/2019