Introducing: Perfectly Imperfect Podcast

Perfectly Imperfect Podcast by John Strong

"My name is John Strong and I'm that guy.  That guy whose existence reflects the harsh reality of what is, and the ever-present idealism of what could be.  I'm a true Pisces, the yin and yang sign.  The comedy/tragedy mask depicted with both a smile and frown.  Yeah, that's me John.  The funniest, friendliest, most charismatic guy to ever grace a room.  While simultaneously being a fearlessly disciplined, rebellious, taskmaster poised to combat injustice, right a wrong at a moment’s notice.  I am a creative.  A Renaissance man, who chose the pen as his predominant passion.  A philosopher/intellectual who leaned on his own understanding and formulated a unique outlook on this thing called life.  I am the flawed hero, the tormented soul, the tortured protagonist.  I have lived a life that could have only been scripted by the great screenwriter in the sky.   Yes, my life has indeed been a movie.  And I love movies.  So, it only makes sense that I talk about it here on the Perfectly Imperfect Podcast."  - John