EP8: The Matrix (The Blue Pill)

PI Podcast EP8: The Blue Pill (The Matrix)

The red pill in the film The Matrix represents the unknown, the uncertainty of not knowing ones future.  In order to make this piece of pop culture relevant today let’s draw similarities to social media.  The invention of the ringtone marked a new way of monetizing the cellphone.  It established a template for tracking consumer trends.  The introduction of YouTube ushered in a new platform of both viewing and distributing content further extending the reach of advertisers.  The world was lubricated, primed and ready for the smartphone and O it didn’t disappoint.  To date billions of dollars have been made off the information gathered and sold via social media websites and apps.  Non-skilled, uneducated everyday people have become financial piggy banks and corporations have partnered with them due to their influence.  People spend every quaking moment attached to their phones, tablets, and laptops being told what they should care about/pay attention to.  Thought, thinking is a thing of the past.  All people have to do now is plug in and download their chosen reality.  And we love it!  So much in fact that many of us have chosen this alternate reality over the world we were born into.  The Matrix. 

 “Sit down or get shut down.” – John Strong

Release Date: 04/07/2019