EP7: The Hurricane (Mindless Behavior)

PI Podcast EP7: Mindless Behavior (The Hurricane)

Self-appointed fitness gurus; life coaches, philosophers are the new “public figures.”  Masses flock aimlessly to the microwaved insta-lives they display online.  The answers to all life’s woes are now accessible via an app.  Happiness is no longer an idea but a tangible thing that can be manifested and displayed via a post.  We are living in the age of lost and found.  Losing yourself and finding yourself in someone else is commonplace.  Copy and pasting someone else’s image, ideals, downloading their personality is the new self-discovery.  Why?  Because no one wants to sit in solitary and analyze why we hate ourselves.  It’s so much easier, simpler; to be convinced otherwise…we love ourselves.  We are living our best lives.  And if that’s not good enough find someone you’d like to be and just become them. 

 “If change is something you want, and change is something you’re going to put forth the effort to make happen…you just do it.” – John Strong

Release Date: 03/31/2019